A captivating story about unconditional love

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Flóra Földes lives the average life of a divorced mother of two children in a small riverside town. While she is trying to maintain her optimistic outlook, her life’s mosaics start to form into a strange picture.

Following an ancient prophecy written on Palm Leaves by the Maharishis, she is determined to find and fulfill her destiny. Little did she know; this journey will change her life forever.

With her girlfriends, she travels to South-India. First, she finds herself in exciting adventures among mysterious churches, exotic tea plantations, and beautiful lagoons. And then, in a man’s arm on Goa’s beach.

Is the distance conquerable? What could be the end of this impossible love that overarches the continents? And how far is it worth going for?

This story is about a symbolic journey, merrily stumbling through the path of raising teenage children, Indians’ and Europeans’ everyday lives, mysteries, and passion.

It is the triumph of life and faith.


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